Microorganisms 6th grade

Welcome back again to Jump into Science! 
This time sixth graders have been working on the cell and microorganisms Such an interesting unit!! Here yo all have information on microorganisms and some games if you want to check your KNOWLEDGE!

See you all soon!
Microorganisms include bacteria, fungi, archaea or protists, but not viruses and prions, which are generally classified as non-living.
Most microorganisms are single-celled, or unicellular, but some are microscopic, and some unicellular protists are visible to the average human. Microorganisms live almost everywhere on Earth where there is liquid water, including hot springs, on the ocean floor, and deep inside rocks within Earth’s crust.
Microorganisms are critical to nutrient recycling in ecosystems as they act as decomposers.
As some microorganisms can also fix nitrogen, they are an important part of the nitrogen cycle.
However, pathogenic microbes can invade other organisms and cause diseases that kill millions of people every year. Microorganisms can be found almost anywhere in the taxonomic organization of life on the planet.
Click on the picture and check your KNOWLEDGE!!
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Listen to this parody about microbes, it is so interesting and surprisingly funny!!
Want to avoid infectious diseases? These kids have some smart advice from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention
and remember: WASH YOUR HANDS!

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